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If you are an e-commerce store owner, you must be aware of the importance of marketing. After all, that’s what brought you to this post. While the internet is full of great marketing strategies, executing one to perfection requires the right tools.

After you build an attractive and practical online store with Shopify website development services, it’s time to use the right tools to execute your marketing action plan. Since these tools will become a core component of your marketing plan, it’s important to make the right choice.

Best marketing tools recommended by top Shopify store development services:

1. Recart

Social media marketing is the hot new kid in town and SMS marketing has taken a back seat. However, you are missing out if you don’t include SMS marketing in your strategy. With a read rate of over 90% within less than an hour, text messages are one of the most economical marketing methods in existence.

That’s where Recart SMS comes in. It’s a fantastic tool that helps with customer acquisition and increases their lifetime value. With the power of AI, this tool comes with an integrated CSM(Customer Success Manager) that helps you develop effective SMS marketing techniques and write compelling copies to bring you more clients. While it comes with a steep subscription cost, you can decide if it’s worth your money by using it during the three-week trial.

2. Vwala

Whether you have a small cafe, a boutique store, or a nice little bakery, a shoutout or TikTok at your establishment from a relevant influencer can increase your sales figures overnight. However, when you team up with several Instagram celebrities and TikTokers for influencer marketing, it’s important to manage them effectively.

Voila is the perfect solution for this unique problem. It allows you to build profitable partnerships with influencers and build a positive relationship with them. You can manage all the tasks from this platform and even pay them sale commissions through the app. With a budget-friendly and tiered subscription cost, it’s great for small and aspiring businesses. You can hire Shopify developers India to integrate such tools into your store without breaking the bank.

3. Klaviyo

Have you ever received a generic mail or SMS that tells you to buy a thing or subscribe to a service when it’s not relevant to you? The same holds for your customers. You need to make a personal connection with your customers over different channels and that’s only possible when you have a powerful data-driven tool with you. There’s no need to worry since Klaviyo has your back.

It’s a smart and ingenious tool with hundreds of integrations on several platforms and with other tools. From a single screen, you can send personalized and automated responses over mobile push notifications, SMS, emails, and social media reviews. If you can’t figure out a unique strategy, choose one of the several templates. You don’t have anything to lose since it comes with a free plan that lets you target up to 500 contacts. If all that seems complicated, hire Shopify developers to add this tool to your shop.

4. Instafeed

Picture this! You visit a bakery website and see all their creations and offerings on different product pages. They seem nice, but at the end of the day, they are merely pictures and pictures can be faked.

On the other hand, you’re more likely to trust a bakery that’s confident enough to show their Instagram feed on their website. Instagram feed doesn’t just contain pictures but has likes and comments from real customers. It’s more believable and helps you build social credibility.

 You can add this nifty feature to your store with InstaFeed. The tool lets you publish a refined and stylized Instagram feed on your online shop and keeps website visitors engaged with great pictures and stunning reels. You also get to convert them into loyal Instagram followers as a cherry on top.

5. Puhsowl

Wouldn’t it be great if you could collect a list of every store visitor and convert them into subscribers without prompting them for personal info like email or phone number? Pushowl lets you do that and a lot more by leveraging the push notification feature on both desktops and phones. You can update customers about shipping status, prompt them with new offers for converting abandoned carts into real purchases, and even understand customer behavior.         All these tools can help you expand your marketing efforts and deliver better results. However, make sure to keep your website optimized and reduce its loading speed for a smooth customer experience. Offshore web development can help you achieve that while staying on a limited budget.

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