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Dedicated servers are the only servers that are solely dedicated to one client to bring the advanced features that play an important role in your website. Every business owner wants to access their own website to make changes whenever they want, which provides the best combination of speed, scalability, flexibility, and control over their server. Hosting a high-traffic website can only be handled by a dedicated server in Singapore in such a way that users feel free to scroll through your site. Dedicated hosting is best for gaming websites in terms of performance, which is highly required in virtual gaming. 

It offers premium features like server management, maintenance, unmetered bandwidth, robust network connectivity, and full root access while switching to a dedicated server in Singapore. The web hosting provider took all the responsibility for managing the server functions without a hitch. 

What is full root access, and how does it help a business?

With full root access on a dedicated server, you can make changes at the server’s administrative level. If you have a dedicated server in Singapore, then you can make any changes in the configuration settings. Your web hosting provider alters settings with the help of root access to upgrade the RAM, CPU, and storage capacity. Dedicated server hosting is also reasonable in Singapore. 

How Root Access helps you make the most out of your Dedicated Server Hosting in Singapore

Access to the Internet for applications

Some of the applications need the internet to function. They need to be updated in a way that requires an internet connection, but their core function does not require the internet. Whenever your application has to go online, your network is at potential risk. And minimizing risk will save you from cyberattacks. Disabling the internet to a specific application is important. Ensure that you disable the internet for those applications.

Port Management

Cyberattacks are going on nowadays and affecting websites all over the globe. And these are majorly hit by “bot attacks”. Bot attacks are cyberattacks that are entirely affected and executed by pieces of software called bots. One of the reasons why they attack is because most of the websites stick to the default server setting, which is the same in all, making it easier for software bots to attack. 

To prevent this, make sure that your unused ports on your server are closed. Less open ports means less attack by bots. Also, make sure to change the default port numbers on the server. It is not easy to find that by bots. 

Javascript Delivery needs to be optimized.

When your website is accessed by any browser, it sends information through images, text, videos, and so on. And when it is all downloaded, it is shown to users. Many files are sent as Javascript files. The browser will only read the javascript file before loading any data. This will slow down your website. This problem is Javascript render-blocking, and with root access, you can eliminate it. 

With root access on a dedicated server in Singapore, you can change the settings of javascript that should be readable so that the website will read first, and then the javascript file will be read. 

Always use a third-party application

With the help of root access on a dedicated server in Singapore, you can install and uninstall applications without any approval from your hosting provider.

For security, you can install any security application that is designed for small businesses and is highly expensive, so you can buy a subscription that can scan your website for malware and virus attacks. 

Get Full Root Access with Singapore Dedicated Server from Serverwala

Every business owner wants access to customize their website according to their specific needs. A dedicated server in Singapore gives you the flexibility to change the settings and installation of any application on your server. For that, you need to buy dedicated server hosting from a trustworthy web hosting provider that is reliable and professional. For that, you can go to Serverwala, which is the leading data center service provider, which gives you immense benefits like high performance, 24/7 WhatsApp support, a unique IP address, a 99.90% uptime value, and many more. You can contact them via email at Their expert team is always available to server you with your every query.

In the end,

A dedicated server in Singapore provides you with many benefits, and root access is one of them. You can minimize a lot of critical tasks, like restricting access and security measures and deleting third-party applications for any cyber-attacks. And even other than this feature, there are other beneficial features that you need to have while having a website. So going with dedicated server hosting is crucial for all business owners to command their websites as per your choice.

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